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The Electrolux EXP09HN1W6 portable air conditioner features the latest heat pump technology to provide high performance air conditioning. It features a unique window closure plate which aids the system in venting hot air to outside the building.

Suitable for rooms as large as 135m&sup2, it has an energy efficiency rating of A for cooling and A+ for heating.

Auto Operation mode will select the appropriate operation depending on room temperature, so you can let this conditioner respond to the heat in the room, without having to change settings yourself. It will also go into sleep mode once the room as reached optimum temperature levels.

Built in healthy dehumidification will ensure that you're receiving clean, healthy air. A remote control means that you don't even have to leave your chair to change settings. A quick guide to air conditioning Unlike fans that simply move the air around, air conditioners actually reduce the temperature.

The hot air is drawn into the unit over an evaporator, which contains a low pressure and very cold refrigerant.

The cool air is then blown out through the front vents while the hot air is expelled through a rear hose.

Mobile units like this one can be simply plugged into the mains socket.

You need to make sure the hot air is extracted, along the hose, through a small hole in the wall. In the short term, however, you can direct the hose through the window or door.

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