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Never worry about card clash again with this card clash protection kit. It includes a set of two cards to make contactless payment even easier.,Dimensions: Height:8.6 cm, Width:5.4 cm, Weight:10 g,Item details: Essential card clash protection, Set of two cards,Prevents unwanted contactless card clash, This is the blocking card for NFC enabled device,This card blocks radiation of the credit/debit cards, Oyster cards and smartphones,Protect your personal data in these products from NFC reader., Place the contactless card (debit/credit card) between the two card clash blockers.

This prevents the contactless card(debit/credit card) from being read,To protect more than one credit/debit cardensure they are placed with an NFC blockercard on either side,Repeat this process for Oyster cards and smart phones,To enable one of your credit/debit cards for use,place the card in front of the NFC blocker,Card pocket/smartphone case are not included,NFC block card does not destroy the function of debit/credit cards, Oyster cards, smartphones and their signal reception or laptop,it blocks radiation

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