Knautia Arvensis (field Scabious) - Knautia Arvensis

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Position: full sun Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained, preferably alkaline soil Rate of growth: average Hardiness: fully hardy Bluish-lilac, honeycomb-like flowerheads on slender stems from July to September and hairy, dull green leaves.

This beautiful native field scabious was once used to treat scabies and other skin ailments - hence its common name.

Highly attractive to butterflies and bees, it's perfect for naturalising in a sunny wildflower garden, mixed or herbaceous border. Garden care: When sowing seeds do not use a fertiliser since wildflowers prefer poor soils. In autumn after flowering cut the faded flowerheads down to the ground and compost the dead stems.

The photograph shows the small copper butterfly. Sow: March - October Flowering: July - September Approximate quantity: 25 seeds.

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